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Desert Attack: Moto King

Desert Attack: Moto King

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Lanch Game

Desert Attack: Moto King 2015, is one of the BEST Motorcycle games available for smart phones till date. You are on a challenging mission of escaping an extreme highway attack. Use your extraordinary driving skills to avoid the dangerous trucks, lorries, traffic cars, damaged vehicles thrown out of the trucks, check posts and crossing trains. Ride as long as you can and earn more close calls and enjoy capturing the stunts you perform and share it with your friends. 
Be the world best action Moto rider by posting your scores in global leader board.

"Racing + Action + Strategy = Desert Attack & Fun"

* Generate humps at real-time to avoid/cross the trains and other unexpected obstacles.
* Steer like typical Moto Cross Rider on the highway to avoid the dangers you encounter
* Capture your BEST stunts and share it with your friends on social networks

- Best riding experience
- Very simple and effective user controls for easy handling
- Realistic 3D graphics
- Real world challenges 
- Smooth handling
- Cinematic Camera Views - Rear View, Chase View, Handlebar View and Side Chase View
- Google Services leader boards (Global/Friends)
- Available for iOS and Windows Phone 8 too
- Capture Screenshot and share it in Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc.

- Tilt to steer
- Avoid the Trucks, Cars, Train and Road blocks etc. using your driving skills
- Do not hit on the road sides too
- Press NOS button to gain extra speed
- Press HUMP button to place a hump on rider's path to escape 
- Press CAMERA button to switch to your favourite camera view

- Drive fast to score fast
- Get more close calls to earn more cash
- Drive in convenient camera view (Top view, Rear view and Driver view)
- Capture the best screenshot and share it with your friends


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