2D Animation

We have highly experienced 2D animators capable of understanding clients objective and convert it into a story that can attract hearts and minds. We deliver high quality 2D graphics as per the need.

We go along with the following process for 2D animation:


  • Understanding the objective: The very first thing is to understand the requirement that’s in clients mind then we come up with detailed plan about the characters and visual elements involved.
  • Creation of storyboard: Once the story is framed, we proceed towards the creation of storyboard which will give deep understanding about the story-flow, kind of 2d character animation etc    
  • Layout design and Animatics:Based on the storyboard we create layouts to define the flow of different scenes and using animatics we pre visualize the entire 2d film which will help to incorporate any changes before moving into production phase.


  • Key-frame creation: We will plot the position for objects and while playing we can see the movement for the objects.
  • Clean up and Colouring: We do final sketches that are to be seen on final animation video and perform colouring to the objects.
  • Character animation: To animate the certain parts of the character we create bones to form skeleton and animate it.


  • Video composition and editing: Necessary editing will be done to the different scenes by adding more transitions, 2d effects, motion graphics etc.       
  • Sounds and voice over: The background music, sounds and other effects are added in this stage to make the animation more impressive.

3D Animation

We have skilful 3D team who can develop impactful 3D animations well suitable for any industry say automobile, medical, IT, gaming, architectural, education and Television.

We go along with the following process for 3D animation

  • Understand the requirement and create storyboard
  • Designing layouts, characters and using animatics pre-visualize the animation
  • Create 3D characters from 2D concepts
  • Perform texturing to the models
  • Develop skeleton to animate different parts of the model
  • Create key frames to specify the motion and timing for the objects
  • Cleaning up and adding colours to the sketches
  • Giving animation to the characters
  •  Editing video with lighting
  • Adding special effects, voice over, music etc
  • Rendering to get the final product