AR/VR Games

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are two excellent booming technologies creating buzz in the market and offering awesome experience to the people. We have a passionate team who work on these latest trends and deliver clients with the excellent product. AR/VR not only an innovation but also add value to the business. The target devices for VR are Google Daydream,Oculus Rift,MS HoloLens, Play Station, and Samsung’s Gear.

What’s Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR)?

AR is superimposing digital objects or elements or images into the world we see. The ultimate goal of AR is to give user a remarkable experience by combining both virtual elements and real world.

VR gives the user a feel of being physically present in an imaginary environment. By wearing a VR device user will be into the virtual world and able to interact with the virtual objects.

We offer following AR/VR services

  • Simulation apps
  • 360 video visualization
  • Educational videos and apps
  • Location based AR games
  • Architectural walkthroughs (VR)
  • Kids games
  • Training and development apps